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The Composer, iSFJ, the Protector, iNFP, the Healer.As friends, coworkers or even lovers entjs and intjs generally get along very well.You can also like people, see your fans (who liked you guests (who visited your profile upload private photos and more.

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Intp, the Architect, eNFP, the Champion, eNFJ.So when dating an entj, compliment them on their professional capabilities and success while also inviting them to share their future ambitions with you.They often ensure that what time they do spend with their children is well used, and allows them to instill values of hard work, productivity, and achievement.

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Personality, have you heard about mbti personality types and test?Thus If you want to impress your entj partner, make sure you give evidence of your own intellectual prowess too.Entj s are enthusiastic and analytical problem-solvers, and will approach conflict head-on.

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Confidence Thrives on Unselfish Performance, but as all goes well in the dating phase and a future is deemed viable, people with the entj personality type continue to impress with their creativity and energy.This occasional ruthlessness with personal relationships is entjs primary weakness, and if they arent careful they can develop quite the reputation.


But as all goes well in the dating phase and a future is deemed viable, people.Entj (Jung, Mbti and Keirsey personality type).I am dating an, eNTJ and I am smitten.We have only known each.

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    You will also see other members based on your personality.Entjs see flaw in ideas and plans quickly and give critique freely.As with other Analyst types, entjs best matches are with other Intuitive (N) types, with one or two opposing traits to create more balance in the relationship.

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    As with most things, balance is key, and entjs should strive to meet their partners half-way, whatever their needs, be it through honest criticisms or steady emotional support and praise.You could also attend semi-professional conventions and workshops together which would offer a nice mix of socializing and personal improvement for your entj partner.Entjs are organized and strategic in their thinking.

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    Entjs prefer to have their homes and lives structured and organized, and may be domineering in imposing this structure on others.The Teacher, iSTP, the Craftsman, iNFJ.It takes both these types quite some time to open up and many people are written off by them as not worthy of emotional attachment, so when they finally find someone who understands them on a deeper level it can be really intense and passionate.



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Fortunately the same logic that dismisses emotions is also able to recognize that a conciliatory attitude can be the best tool to get the job done.


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An interactive quiz session for couples or an evening at your neighborhood debating club would be ideal for entjs to express their vibrant intellect.Chat and Dating, private chat rooms with other members and public chats including help chat, Worldwide and zodiac based rooms.


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When deciding on a dating activity, think of something that would engage them intellectually but in a social setting.We Cannot Succeed Unless, When We Choose, We Choose Wisely.


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As in other areas of their lives, entjs approach dating and relationships with a set of goals and a plan to achieve them, and proceed to do so with impressive energy and enthusiasm.At the same time though, entj personalities keep their eyes on the long term, and if they determine that a relationship is heading towards a dead end, they will cut their losses and move on in what will seem to their partner an abrupt end.


Entjs set clear expectations and see that their rules are followed.They are unemotional in sorting out issues, and weigh perspectives with a logical detachment.Entjs are typically ambitious and may spend a lot of time at work or otherwise pursuing career success.


Dating an, eNTJ personality can be an eye-opening experience.


The most important similarity is the N/S dichotomy.We invented our own test which will detect your personality type very quick.


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They tend to have a clear idea of how things should be done, and may feel that others should follow.


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While they can communicate effectively with peers, co-workers and even social acquaintances, talking about intimate feelings makes them uncomfortable which may at times lead to an emotional barrier between them and their partners.They have a deep insight into the motivations and potential of people around them and understand intuitively what will bring out the best in them.

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As parents, entjs are in control of their children and their households. Entjs and intjs have the same judging functions as well as the same perceiving functions. What are entjs like as partners? In as practical and straightforward a manner as possible, ask them about what is going on in their minds and if they would like to discuss anything close to their heart. In fact entjs bring the same qualities of an incisive mind and goal-oriented personality into their relationships too. Romantic relationships are a serious business, and entjs are in it for the long haul. The Performer, are you an entj? Still more surprising to entj personalities is others active efforts to avoid these tense situations. This is also how David Keirsey matches personality types: common N or S and the same judging functions (Fe, Ti, Fi, Te). Not only that, but this type of mbti match is one of the most ideal. Feelings are not a strong point with entjs and you need to keep this in mind so that you dont judge them as emotionally distant and unsupportive. What each type gets from the relationship. Take the test and know for sure. If you believe this to be true of your entj mate as well, encourage them to open up at times. Their way of communication is influenced by their Thinking and Judging natures which lays more emphasis on reason, analysis and the strict code of values by which they live rather than how their interlocutors might feel or respond to their way of speaking. lots of stimulating conversations and idea exploring - learning new things and sharing knowledge - entjs learn to be more patient and reflective - intjs learn to act more and think less (yes, too much thinking/analyzing can be bad) - a reliable partner.

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They communicate their vision and their plan to implement it in a logical, task-oriented way. This assertion is made in many published references (Carlson Williams, 1984; Myers McCaulley, 1985; Myers Myers 1980; Sherman, 1981). Those couples are also less likely to have problems in the relationship. Know your partner's secret desires and hidden fears with this book! So on dates you can go golfing in an exclusive club where your entj partner might enlarge their circle of business contacts. And if you are one of those, you will find that your relationship with an entj has enriched and improved you life like few else could have done. They are not only capable of putting in long hours at work but actually like to work hard in order to prove themselves. In relationships, the entj is a commanding and challenging partner. When it comes to compatibility of mbti types, there are lots of contradictory theories out there and each of them claims to have found the right formula.

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They tend to be consistent and rational disciplinarians by setting clear consequences for misbehavior, and usually elicit obedience from their children. People with the entj personality type are in it to win, and will gladly take leading roles in relationships from the start, assuming personal responsibility for how smoothly things go and working actively to ensure a mutually rewarding experience. Cater to their ambitious nature, eNTJs are very motivated by success in their careers so that professional growth and success is an important source of self-validation for them. If they dont, they risk dominating and overruling their partners, and this insensitivity can easily break a relationship, especially early. Entjs often have a very direct and forceful way of communicating and to those who dont know them very well, they might appear brusque and even confrontational at times. The  aspect of entjs which prevents them from being merely a hard taskmaster is their Intuitive nature. Because of their ambitious nature, entjs usually enjoy competitive sports which could actually make for enjoyable dating activities for the two of you. Allow for their forceful natures. At the same time, dont forget to mention your own achievements because their Intuitive nature helps them to see and appreciate potential in others as well.

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