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Half the day uh huh, rolled the whole book uh huh.Got you shook uh uh, not just for the look uh huh.

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For the highest in the room look at me uh huh.You get the venue, you gon' need more bouncers.Grinding from up underneath, now they just say I'm a now they just say I'm a beast.

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Ať už bude budoucnost jeho angažmá jakékoliv, Al nechal fanouškům následující vzkaz: Dear fans, friends, music lovers, Today, I m very happy to inform you that Cesare Pizzi is in charge of playing samplers in the band instead of myself for the next coming.Bong rip uh huh, make sure its clean uh huh.

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Uh huh, never find a seed uh huh.You know they can see what we see homie.Tell that nigga use a grinder for that weed uh huh.


Kwame Despite : Peace, fM, one of the leading Accra-based radio stations has rounded off its 10th anniversary celebration with a church.also found the time to hook up with tour guitarist Pelle Ossler and keyboardist Niklas Hellberg in a new project called S auml;llskapet.F is for fighting, R is for red Ancestors' blood in battles they've shed E, we elect them, E, we eject them In the land of the free and.

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    Year: 2017, tracks: 9, bitrate: 247 kbps.09Buy 2, year: 2015, tracks: 9, bitrate: 320 kbps.09Buy 2, year: 2012.We're rolling, rolling, rolling, higher then we're floating, don't know where we're going, night until the morning.Even though some folks will make it so you can't win.

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    Take a toke uh huh, hold it 'til you choke huh.And now all these haters looking at me pitifully.

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    And see through the truth and them lies homie.Somewhere in the clouds that's where we wanna be uh huh.







Still got more uh huh, burn it to the short uh huh.


Uistím sa, že moja rodina sa chystá jesť brúsenie zospodu Teraz len povedia, že som, teraz len povedia že som zviera.


And tell the weed man we gon' need more ounces.


Let them know, let them know, let them know.


I wish you all peace, love and rocknroll.


when I'm in there And I' m throwing up my money for the ones who never made it Sayin fuck the ones who hate it roll one up and celebrate.


Living my life about peace, sharing this money and trying to all of niggas up and off them streets.


My name is Sally, i' m a 15/ f from miami and i'm lookin for someone 2 skate with around here.


Ano, kde je Al Comet?I made these lil niggas go cop they Rolexes.


Or just to chat.

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We have sold over 25,000 Logosol sawmills and more than 10,000 planers and has over 25 years experience as a market leader in small-scale wood processing.Vlivní Švýcaři The Young Gods se chystají zpátky do Prahy!

stuntin' when I ride past my old school. Use to be the kid, now homie I'm the man. This time I feel like its now or never. So let

them go, let them go, let them. You know we can see through them blinds homie. Na aktuálním turné jej nahradí už zmíněný Cesare Pizzi. In my car uh huh, cruising down the street uh huh. Hundred grand in a rubber band. Paid so much for my frames, put these lil niggas to shame. He had the genius to invent the young gods sound system. Grab a lighter uh huh, something I can steam uh huh. Moving forward uh huh, cruising on my board uh huh. Everything I played during all those years was a technical development or up-grade of his brilliant invention. Smoke sesh uh huh, nigga what you need uh huh. We're rolling, rolling, rolling, verse. Highed up uh huh, Taylors on my feet uh huh. Smoke peace uh huh, pipe like a chief uh huh. And tell him "roll another joint don't fall asleep" uh huh. Just let it dating go, let it go, let. Al si dává pauzu a v kuloárech se hovoří o elephants tom, že chce z kapely odejít. Platil som vea za moje fajky, aby som tých malých černochov zahanbil Objednal som tak vea z tých fliaš, tak vea, že by si si mohla myslieť, že som šialený Hra sa zmenila tak ako som ti povedal opitý raz, ale teraz to budem robiť. Let it go, let it go homie. But now I'm gonna do it another one do it again. We have daily contact with customers worldwide who fulfill their dreams of wood. You know we can see through the blinds homie. Verse 1, first thing uh huh, wake up out a dream uh huh.

You know they can see't what we see homie. Logosol was founded in 1989 by Bengt-Olov Byström and the company is still owned by the Byström family in Härnösand, Sweden. Hook, higher then we're floating, don't know where we're going, night until the morning. And going nowhere so no matter what they say I be here forever. So let it go, let it go, let. Pre-Hook And I get so high, fuck around and never come down (Higher than a motherfucker) I get so high, I get so high (And I be floating) And I get so high, fuck around and never come down (and I be higher than. Pre-Hook (And I be floating and I get so high, fuck around and never come down (Higher than a motherfucker i get so high, I get so high (And I be floating) I get so high Fuck around and never come down (and. Tell the club owners we need more sections. Cloud 9 uh huh, going through my mind uh huh. A hoci niektorí udia to dajú, nemôžeš vyhrať, nepotrebujem to vziať len na oko. A teraz všetci títo hejteri len na mňa žalostne pozerajú, pretože som doslava hovno.

Ill be back in time. Komentáře, pro možnost psaní komentářů se přihlašte nebo zaregistrujte. Just let it go, let it go, let it go (Ohh oh oh ohhh i stayed on top of my game, Gang controlled my lane. He called that «dross» Digital Research for Optimal Stage Sound System or something like this, anyway. I take this opportunity to mention that Cesare was my hi-technologys master at the time. No tray uh huh, ashes on my seat uh huh.

Eyes low uh huh, everybody know it damn. Drive slow uh huh, blow it by the O uh huh. See you soon, Al, tak snad! Let it go, let it go, let. Jak víme, vystoupí.